Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Emotional "roller coaster" Eating

I kind of went "crazy" this last week, eating. I don't know what got into me...except, food...lots of food! I really can't even remember where it all went wrong, but I definitely recognized that it was emotional eating. I just didn't control it very well. PMS is staring me right in the face, too, that could be a small contributor. Sunday, it was "celebration" eating...Monday, it was "I feel bad" eating...so on and so forth...you know the story.

However...I've recouped! YAY!!! Yes, I'm back on track...and that, kids...is what it's all about. Life, it happens, but we just can't throw in the towel every time we make a wrong decision. The world is not going to stop turning, I'm not going to get fat by eating 3 pieces of pizza one night. It's when I do that every day, all the time, and not caring what I put into my body. I did miss my weigh in this week, I just didn't want to get down on myself by what the scale read. I stayed home, visited with Papa Bear and the kiddos, it was a much needed re-focus evening. Not too sure how the rest of the week will develop, I'm turning another year older and I really want to celebrate. The 4 "J"s are home from school, Papa Bear took the day off work and well...I want to have a GREAT time, and not worry about the dreaded "F" word! (food) We're going to the movies, and then out to dinner at my favorite restaurant! So...I'm giving myself a pass. A pass to enjoy, and possibly indulge...if I so, feel like it!

Today I had a nonfat Starbucks for breakfast, then met Papa Bear for lunch at Subway. Had footlong roast beef on wheat. Ate only 1/2, saved the rest for dinner. A bag of baked Lays and water. Diet Squirt and the other half for dinner. What a day, and full too! I HEART Subway...

One more thing to add before I sign off...my jeans are...TOO BIG!!!! Yes-sir-ee...they sure are! I'm wearing them until I can fit into my size 12 comfortably...then these ugly ol' things are H-I-S-T-O-R-Y....

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