Thursday, January 6, 2011

Charging Ahead

I woke up STARVING! Not sure why, last night we had an amazing dinner, but I was just so tired from preparing and cooking that I did not get pics, however you can find the recipe here GreenLiteBites...THANK YOU RONI, my family loved it and so did I!!!

Cooking is one of my greatest challenges, I know how to cook and what my family likes, but I was taught how to flour, fry, and smother (if you know what I mean?) So, not only do I have the difficult process of changing a lifestyle of junk food binges, I have to re-learn how to cook (NOT one of my favorite things to do!)

It's hard, REALLY hard! I just started this journey on Sunday and I already feel like the obstacles are mounting all around me. I didn't walk yesterday with my gf...her youngest was sick, I could have walked alone, but how boring is that???? So, instead I went Goodwill shopping with my Nan, and we had a great time. I got some really awesome deals, and I'm happy I went, but I still had that niggling thought in the back of my head, "You haven't walked didn't walk today" I hate that, SERIOUSLY! Why are we wired like that? Why can't we just accept that it's O.K....that it's not going to ruin all your hard's not going to make you gain back the 2lbs. you've lost already!!!?? Sorry...ranting here...

Moving on...Monday I made Lentil soup in the crockpot, it was super tasty, and I believe I could eat on those for a week. The one else likes them :( So I took what was left, I ate as much as I could, and froze the rest. I did get a picture of my ya go:

I'm not sure what I will be cooking for dinner tonight...Papa bear wants something made from beef (did I mention that he and all 4 "J's" are serious carnivores?) about challenging! Another goal for today, get on the elliptical for at least 30 min...this is me charging ahead! Until we meet again, remember all those little choices make big impacts :D

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