Monday, January 3, 2011

In the beginning...

Here I am, look'n oh so HOT in my kids always laugh at me when I discuss the lounge-wear. I guess they think it should be all sexy and slinky, yet I find comfy and cozy works much better for me. I am in the beginning of this whole darn escapade, giving you the tell-tale pictures. I REALLY don't like this photo...but it is what it is, right? The bare bone reality is I'm fat, and I need to say it...look at it, see it for what it is.

I was reading a blog this morning and I came across an essay she reposted. The essay as a whole is amazing to read, and yes, re-read...but there were a few things that I read over, and over, and over. This was it..."You learn that anything worth achieving is worth working for and that wishing for something to happen is different than working toward making it happen." It hit me, square in the face, not that I didn't know losing weight is hard, but just that I am waisting away this life that God blessed me with by wishing, wishing, wishing...always wishing I could do something different. Wishing for a magic pill, wishing for $$$ to have surgery, wishing I had a better metabolism...NEVER realizing soon I will turn around and this life will be over. My children grown, my family gone and all I will be able to look back on is how much I wished away. Well...I'm done wishing, I'm ready to work. How about you? Are you ready to get down and dirty with me?

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  1. Excited to follow your journey. You can do it!