Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good & Bad Weekend

My weekend started out kind of family took Nan to the casino Friday night...she LOVES going to the casino. Since Papa passed away, thats all she ever wants to get out of the house for. Sooooo...we all took her. The family decided on the buffet for dinner...I do not do well with buffets, lets just put that out there. I started with a salad, then some Prime Rib, and well...just spiraled out of control after that. However...I tried my best to total up everything I ate and used up my free 49 points for the week. That made me feel so much better, in turn, helped me do well on Saturday at the Seattle Seahawks game VS. the New Orlenes Saints. We were able to take in our Subway sandwiches and water, and I stayed on track! Woo-Hoo...I stayed within my 29 points! Papa bear was even able to get me a small nonfat mocha :) Those extra free points made me feel so much more able to follow this don't even know! Thank you Weight Watchers for making this's going to keep me moving forward.

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